There are so many interior design tricks that we never get to learn but when they’re laid out in front of you, they make so much sense. Here are a few tricks that you can try today. From the accessories you choose the the colors you paint your walls.

More cushions


If you’re wondering why your sofa doesn’t look as inviting as those in all the interiors magazines, it’s probably because you need more pillows. One or two pillows aren’t enough, two pairs in each corner should do the trick but feel free to go all out. Go for contrasting colors and patterns for maximum effect.

Use a rug instead of a bath mat


A beautiful rug can completely transform your bathroom. Not only is a rug much more interesting than a bath mat but they’re made to withstand much more than your wet feet.

Go white


White will never go out of fashion. It works in modern and traditional homes and you can always brighten it up with colorful furniture or accessories. This means you’re not left with a room that needs repainting ever couple of years when you get bored of it.

Embrace big plants


A big, gorgeous pot plant can really brighten up a corner of a room. Not to mention all the health benefits of having indoor plants. They help to remove pollution from the air and have been shown to improve productivity too.

 Mirrors add light and create the illusion of space


Mirrors don’t only add more light to a room but they can also make small rooms appear bigger. If you don’t want to spend out on a big mirror, look in thrift stores for second hand ones as they’ll be much cheaper.

Get organized

A well-organized and uncluttered home is one of the first steps to having gorgeous living areas that will be the envy of everyone you know. Once you have got on top of clutter, you can think about DIY and redecorating.


When redecorating, focus on one room at a time. This means you whole house won’t be in disarray while you make it perfect.


It might be that all the elements you have in a room work wonderfully together but perhaps they’re not in the right places. If there’s something not-quite-right with a room, try rearranging it and go from there.