Occasionally I’ll come across a shoe brand that just blows me away. Jeffrey Campbell did this to me a while ago and more recently I’ve fallen for brands like UNIF but it was only a few days ago that I came across Privileged. The shoes are out of this world. Beautiful, mostly impractical and seriously show stopping.

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These shoes are available in a number of places. Most namely Nasty Gal, but check out the retailers page on the Privileged website to see if they have a store near you.

I keep looking at these shoes and wondering where I could wear them and what I’d wear them with. I’m not great at heels so I’d probably go for a more practical style but heads would still turn.


I’ve created a huge Shoplink of Privileged shoes as all the online stores sell different shoes. Here you have all the most exciting styles in one place. A lot of these come in a number of different colors too so there’s a huge amount of choice. I’m now going to do some shopping!

How do you feel about these kinds of shoe brands?