Shopping is supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than getting great deals on your purchases? What’s trickier is finding those deals, especially online, where so many retailers claim massive sales with no guarantee of quality or quantity.

At Shoplinkz, we like to make it easier for you. Here’s our breakdown of how to find the best deals during the January sales.

Voucher code sites


Google ‘voucher codes’ and you’ll find a bunch of sites stuffed with savings. These codes normally have a limited shelf life and on the less reputable websites they may not work at all, but stick with the top results and you can bag some great savings at your average high street shop.

Mailing lists/subscriptions


You know all those sites you’ve subscribed to that you delete the e-mails from without looking at them? Yeah, open those up once in a while. Retailers know that most people don’t read them, so they offer some killer deals to tempt you. It’s always worth checking, especially around sale time.

ebay stealth


Late December and January are busy times for ebay. It’s chock full of unwanted gifts and clearouts, and knowing what to look for and when is a game of skill. A top tip is utilising that saved search function so that ebay can keep up with what you want for you, meaning that you’ll receive e-mails with results which will also show up on your home page for easy perusal. We all know how tedious it is sifting through the rubbish to find what we’re looking for.

A good side-tip is, when performing a search – especially for something like a particular brand or item – try spelling keywords slightly wrong. There’s always a chance a seller has posted something with a misspelled title, giving you an inside advantage as most other users won’t have found the same result. Seriously, try it.



If you just want lists of who’s got a sale and what kind of savings they’re offering, is the place to go.¬†You can find out when a sale starts, what percentage of money off is available, and the site also offers predictions of future sales based on a retailer’s previous behaviour. While you can’t find much in the way of specific deals on there, you can find where to look for them.




If there’s one thing we love, it’s offering great deals, and where those deals are unavailable we always offer alternatives. It brings an ease to window shopping too, giving you the chance to poke around the internet without getting lost on a wild goose chase. Visit us to make a start on your shopping dashboard.