This sort of jewelry is great for anyone who wants to make a statement. Check out my list to find out more about all these great pieces.

Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon does some amazing items of jewelry and I’ve included a couple in my list. It’s this Swarovski crystal arm cuff that really stands out to me. It’s an unusual piece of jewelry in a striking design.

Herve van der Straeten

This Herve van der Straeten cuff bracelet is very simple but it really stand out. It would look great when worn with black skinny jeans and white shirt.


These beautiful snake earrings are Iam by Ileana Makri.  The way they hang is beautiful.Vickisarge

These Vickisarge earrings are bound to stand out just because they’re so shiny. Wear with a strapless dress, hair up, no necklace.


Finally, we have this stunning Marni necklace. There are a few of these is the list and they’re great for wearing at the neckline of a simple tee or under the collar of a shirt.