Prepare for a state of calm, military-like readiness when it comes to organising your kit. Whether you’re heading to the gym or are preparing for your fifth triathlon, these bags have you covered. The idea behind KitBrix is that the rectangular bags are modular, meaning you can customise them to your specific needs. The bags have also been designed to stand up, perfect if you need to put them down while travelling or want to search through for something.

The icons on the side of each bag will tell you exactly what each one is for be it swimming gear, gym shoes or first aid. Once again, very handy if you need to organise a rang of gear.


Being able to organise all your kit into these modular bags means you can focus on running, swimming, cycling and working out. No more rummaging through wet swimming gear trying to find your shorts – which, of course, are now damp.


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