Friends has been off the air for more than 10 years but there’s still so much we can learn from the pivotal show. Plenty of twenty- and thirty-somethings will be able to relate to these life lessons from the sitcom. Whether you watched the show from beginning to end as it was aired, or caught it all a reruns, it’s difficult to deny what an impact it had on our lives and pop culture.

Here are some important life lessons we’ve learnt from Friends.


pivotIt’s impossible to move furniture without quoting this scene from the show.

Enjoy your food

not even sorryThere’s a lot we can learn from Joey.

It’s okay to act like a big kid

fortIf you want to build a fort, build a fort.

Don’t count Mississippi seconds when getting a spray tan

mississippiOr do, depending on where you go…

Defining the rules of a break is very important

breakThey were on a break!

Hugs are always a good thing

friendsShow your friends just what you mean to them.

Never take your friends for granted


Sarcasm works in all situations

sarcasticYes. Yes please.

It’s cool when women propose


Work can be stressful

stressWe’ve all been there

Don’t do this


Dating can be difficult


But when you find ‘the one’ it’s amazing

cuddleEveryone will find their lobster one day.

If ugly naked guy can find love, so can you

ugly naked guy

Get off the plane

the planeShe got off the plane!

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