The internet is full of amazing stores but it’s often difficult to find out about them unless you spend hours trawling the net for beautiful things (like I do). Here are some amazing online shops you may not have heard of. Anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

Golden Unicorn Skate Emporium

This little skate shop sells some of the most beautiful skates I’ve ever seen. Not to mention all the cool leggings and roller-derby-themed t-shirts. The store is based in the UK but they will ship to the USA!

Pin Pin Finds


Here you’ll find some of the most spectacular necklaces and brooches. The huge moths are bound to turn heads but if you want something a little more simple, why not go for a cute porcelain necklace.

Lady V London

Vintage-style dresses can be expensive but this is the first online shop I’ve found where you can pick up something amazing for around £30-£60/$50-$80. The full skirt swing dresses really stand out to me and there are some amazing prints on offer too.

Activate Apparel

This is my go-to place for geeky fitness gear. I have a number if these tops and they always get commented on. I am, indeed, training to be in the Hunger Games.

Kismet Yoga Style


If you’re looking for beautiful, simple yoga gear then this is the place for you. They have both men and women’s clothing.

Made with Molecules


These silver necklaces are made in the shape of different elements, chemicals and hormones. The molecular structure looks so pretty when put onto a necklace or earrings like this. These make really thoughtful gifts.