If it were up to me, this would be my style at all times but as it’s almost Halloween, let’s look at some post-apocalyptic style for your home and wardrobe.

This isn’t just about fun zombie-themed items but also practical things that really will help you when the apocalypse hits. Hey, you can never be too prepared…


A sturdy pair of boots is so important in the apocalypse. You’ll need boots that will last a long time, will be comfortable and can handle all kinds of terrain. Sorry, the Jimmy Choos are out. If you can get your hands on military boots, great, but a sturdy pair of leather boots or waterproof hiking boots will do the job too.


The last thing you want to do is throw your back out when you’re fighting for survival. A large backpack that’s comfortable to carry is a must. A well-made camping bag or rucksack will make life easier. You need to fit all your supplies into this bag and you’ll want it to be comfortable when you’re carrying a lot of weight.

Chest and waist straps are important and it could do with being waterproof too. Ideally, you should be carrying food, medical supplies, water and a change of clothes that you’ll probably want to keep dry.


Medical supplies, a good penknife, a torch, a map and anything else you might find useful. Everyone should have a first aid kit at home and in their car. This is where function comes before fashion but if you really need a cute first aid kit, check out this tutorial on Instrucables.


zombiechicIf you love a bit of zombie-chic (that’s a thing) then not everything has to be practical. We’ve created a whole list of fun, sci-fi, post-apoc goodies. Check it out here.

Watch this space, we’ll be covering style and what to wear post-apocalypse next week (if, of course, the world doesn’t end before then…).