Whether you’re going to be walking the red carpet or will be just heading for a night out, here are some red carpet beauty tricks you need to try today.


The first rule of the red carpet is to smile. Smiling makes your eyes brighter and will make you seem more approachable too.

Invest in a good eye cream

If you’re travelling, an eye cream is so important as it can help to stave off those dark circles. You’ll look more awake and eye creams also have anti-ageing benefits too.

Burgundy and gold

If you want to make a statement, go for gold eyes and burgundy lips. The shade you choose depends on your skin tone and how bold you want to be but these colors always stand out on the red carpet as they’re timeless and elegant.

SPF is so important

This is a tip for life. Always use a good moisturizer with a sun protection factor as sun damage is never a good look.

Drink more water

Drinking 8oz (2litres) of water a day will make your hair glossy and your skin look brighter. It’s so important to keep yourself properly hydrated. If you’re not keen on water, flavour it with cucumber or lemon. Water has so many other health benefits too.


Add a bit of a shimmer to your cheekbones with some well-placed bronzer. If you want a more subtle look and don’t want to wear too much makeup, mix some bronzer with your moisturizer.

Prep your eyelids

This is so important if you’re going for a smoky eye as heavy eyeshadows have the tenancy to crease. A primer will stop this from happening and will keep your makeup in place all night (and into the next day, if you need it to).

What are your beauty secrets?