Who doesn’t want a high-tech mood ring to wear in front of their face? Enter the Halo, created by Nan Zhao – a PhD student at MIT – who was inspired by the omnipresence of selfie culture to invent a device which syncs information via an app and reflects it within an illuminated hoop.

The hoop contains 180 LED lights which are individually programmed to display the weather around them, their movement levels, and of course their mood.

Zhao states that the Halo was born of the idea that online “we present ourselves in the way we want, almost like we have multiple identities”, and that the Halo is physical equivalent of an Instagram filter, literally allowing you to show yourself in whatever light you like.

The Halo has already been tested in various social settings in Japan, with the majority of the feedback requesting that the device be more discreet. This bodes well for Zhao, proving that potential customers like the product, they would just prefer it on a smaller scale. Understandable.

The Halo’s creator has many plans for the future, including a light sequence that would negate the need for make-up by simply illuminating the user’s face as they prefer. Big talk, Zhao. This is one to watch.