By now you probably know a little bit about Bitcoins but what can you really buy with them? One of our team members is fascinated by the opportunities Bitcoin brings to the online world marketplace. It was only right that we did a post about this cool currency.

Firstly, Bitcoins are a digital currency (also known as a cryptocurrency) this means the currency is not controlled by a bank – like other currencies – and the reason so many websites are starting to accept Bitcoins is because the fees are so low. To acquire Bitcoins, you can either buy them or mine them but we’re going to cover just how to spend them.


This site sells everything from furniture and electronics, to clothing and jewelry. If you want to spend your Bitcoins then this is probably the best place to start. Treat yourself to some gorgeous accessories for your home or spend some time choosing the perfect outfit for that party you’re off to. Of course, if you don’t have a whole stack of Bitcoins just yet, check out the sale section for some bargains.


Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows sellers to create their own online shops (a bit like Etsy). Shopify allows its users to accept Bitcoin if they want to but it’s not always easy to find the stores that do accept this virtual currency. Take a look at this post on the Shopify blog for a huge list of shops that will take Bitcoins as payment.


This is one of the aforementioned Shopify stores. They sell lollipops in all sorts of weird flavors, which is just too cool not to mention here. Maple-bacon lollies, Absinthe, blue cheese? You can buy them with Bitcoins! You can get mixed flavor packs too incase you’re struggling to make a decision.

These would make great gifts for anyone who has a sweet tooth.


This electronic store also accepts payments with Bitcoin. So if you’re in need for a new laptop, GPS, camera or other gadget, this is the shop for you.

Keystone Pet Place

Here’s one for pet owners, this online pet shop will accept Bitcoins. Perhaps you need to replenish you pet’s treat jar, or maybe you need to get some bath supplies for a dog that loves to jump in puddles (I have one of those). Whatever you choose, this is a great place to treat your furry friends or you can buy something that will make pet ownership just that bit easier.

If you’re still not sure what Bitcoins are, watch this video.

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