Halloween is coming and if you haven’t already got your costume sorted then you probably need to start thinking about it now. We touched on some really creative costumes but what about simple ones? We’ve got some great ideas for costumes that don’t take too much effort at all.

Kitty Cat


Dress yourself all in black and get your hands on some cat ears. These are easy to find in clothing stores as well as in your local fancy dress shop. Go for glittery one, furry ones, or simple diamanté ears work too.

Can’t get your hands on ears? Twist your hair up into two buns on top of your head (Miley-style) for makeshift cat ears.

You could also fashion yourself a tail out of stuff you have lying around at home. Cut one leg off a pair of opaque black tights then stuff it with socks or newspaper. Clip this to the back of your skirt or trousers for an instant tail.

Eyeliner works fine for whiskers and a little black nose.


el diablo
Grab yourself some little devil horns and put on your nicest red dress. Add red lipstick and plenty of black eyeliner to give your look that extra edge.


Cobble together a pirate outfit from your existing wardrobe. Ripped tights and a simple skirt paired with a striped top, all finished off with a plastic cutlass and pirate hat.

Or you could go for brown jeans, over-the-knee boots and a corset. Wear with a long jacket and whatever pirate accessories you can find in your nearest supermarket.


Walter White Heisenberg
This might not be as simple as others on this list but all you need to do is get your hands on the hat and the glasses, paint a beard on in eyeliner, if you want.

Maybe carry a plastic bag of blue popping candy around with you too.


* Vampirella *
Corsets, long coats, capes and lots of black all work well for this look. Red lipstick will work in place of fake blood and it’s a great excuse to do a really sexy, smoky eye look.

Plastic fangs can be found in beauty stores, supermarkets and from fashion retailers.