Snowboarding holidays are fantastic fun and a great way to spend a winter vacation. Here are some things to consider when booking.


Canada has some of the best snow, US resorts tend to be very expensive and European destinations are busy but you can make a real vacation out of this kind of long trip.

Make sure to do your research and choose the resort that’s right for you. Some people will want to focus on the different slopes and mountains available, what’s in the local area, extra activities (such as cross-country skiing, glacier walks and tubing) and what the après-ski is like.

Time of year

Ideally you’ll want to avoid any resorts where the locals are on holiday as it’ll be really busy. Temperature is also a factor, while you want it to be cold, you don’t want it to be too cold. Canadian resorts hit -40 in January, for example.

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Do you need to rent gear?

If you need to rent snowboard, jacket, boots, salopettes and goggles, you need to think about the best option. You could hire through your package provider, at a shop at the resort or even at your local winter sports store.

That goes for your lift pass too

A package company might put a premium on lift passes when actually it’s cheaper to just buy them at the resort when you get there. Make sure to check this before you book.


While a catered chalet might seem expensive, it may work out cheaper in the long run. A catered chalet is where a chef comes in once a day to cook your main meal. It’s a strange and wonderful experience but a great idea if you’re going with a group of people.

In Europe, a catered chalet is about more 150-200 EUR per week than a regular chalet. You need to weigh this initial outlay up over how much you might spend on food between your group during the week.

Get insurance

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Winter vacation insurance is slightly different to normal vacation insurance so it’s important to get the right kind. It’s also very important that you don’t leave it until the last minute. As long as you have insurance, if something happens to you before your holiday, you are covered. (My boyfriend found this out the hard way when he broke his leg five days before he was due to go snowboarding. With no vacation insurance, he lost the money he’d already paid out for the trip!)

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