I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the Winter Olympics, particularly the Slopestyle events. Now, we can’t all have Team USA’s amazing patchwork jackets but there are plenty of exciting winter items that should be gracing our wardrobes.

Patchwork inspiration

Sochi Style: Team USA inspiration
This patchwork coat is as close as you’re going to find to those wonderful Team USA jackets. This one at least had a bit of faux fur for extra warmth. Team with jeans and various warm accessories.


Sochi Style: Layers
Layers are so important when you’re in a cold climate. Pile them on for added warmth. Sochi hasn’t been that cold for the Winter Olympics, even up on the mountain, but it’s always important to dress warmly just in case the weather changes. If it doesn’t, just whip off a few of those top layers.

Slope style

Sochi Style: Snowgear
Snowboarders and skiers are lucky in that so much of their sports gear is bright. There are so many choices here from colour coordinating to wearing the brightest, most brash colors. Regardless, you want to be seen against the snowy back drop.
Are you enjoying watching the Winter Olympics?