Street style is a huge source of inspiration. You get to see what real, fashionable people are wearing out in the real world. Here are some of the blogs you need to be following.

Face Hunter

This is one of the first places I go for amazing street style. There are photographers at all sorts of events around the world so you really get a huge cross section of the fashion population.

The Sartorialist

Everyone wants to be photographed by the Sartorialist. I’ve heard plenty of discussions about what to wear to fashion week events to get noticed by this blog.

We the people style

Perhaps a less well known street style blog but the photography is exceptional.

Advanced Style

This is street style from those of advancing years. It’s a blog I visit regularly because these men and women have a style that is to be emulated.  I look at this blog and hope it’ll be around in 40 or 50 years so I can grace its pages.