Our phones can now be a fashion statement but if you’re anything like me, you also want practicality too. I currently have a very cheap phone case I bought from eBay but I’m looking to upgrade. I do really like this wallet style case but I’d perhaps like one that has a bit more quality and substance to it.

While all these phone cases are stylish, I’ve also included some practical ones in here too.


This is a simple leather case from Forbes and Lewis. Its a lot cheaper than a lot of the leather phone cases on the market. I love the blue stitching and the interior is the same blue too.Otterbox

This interesting looking thing is called the Commuter case and you can get it for all sorts of phones (good news for non-iPhone users).  It’s essentially two cases, the inner case is made of soft rubber and the outer case is a hard shell that slides to reveal space for money and cards. This is way more practical than my current wallet phone set up.Samson and Cristie

This pretty butterfly case is from Sampson and Christie. If you’re looking for a really pretty and simple phone sleeve then this is the one for you.samsung-galaxy-s4-smartphone-suede-jacket-sleeve-inserted-pocket-lg

Another simple and attractive phone sleeve but this one has a handy pocket for things like cards and earphones. 

There’s nothing hugely practical about this Iconmesis phone case but look at all the lovely cats bearing gifts.



in1case 2 finals3


Finally, the most practical phone case you will ever see. Contained within the hard shell of this case is a nail file, some tweezers, scissors, two screwdrivers and two pens. On top of that it also has a flip out stand, which is great if you watch movies and TV shows on your phone. It comes in all sorts of colors too so it looks oddly pretty for something so useful.

cute phone cases

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