Whether or not you watch football, it’s difficult to get away from the excitement of the Superbowl (I’m British and it’s inescapable). Here are some of the staggering statistics from this year’s event.

  • 114.4m viewers
  • $300m total advertising spend
  • 28.4m tweets
  • $4.5m for a 30 second advert
  • 118m viewers for the half time show
  • 3.4 million tweets regarding Katy Perry’s half time show – a 52% increase on last year!

You’ve probably all heard that The Partiots won by by now but here are the real stars of the show.

Left shark

This has been all over Tumblr. During Katy Perry’s half time show there were two sharks (well, backing dancers dressed as sharks). The right shark had some serious moves but the left shark just didn’t seem to be feeling it. It’s already turned into a number of memes. The whole world loves that bumbling left shark – he’s probably the reason the half time show got so many tweets!

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans’ bet

Chris Pratt Chris Evans

Before the Superbowl began, there’d been some banter between Marvel stars Chris Pratt – a Seahawks fan – and Chris Evans – a Patriots fan – over Twitter and it turned into one of the cutest bets between the rival fans.

The bet called for the loser to visit a Children’s hospital in the winner’s city wearing the winning team’s jersey over their superhero outfit. As the Seahawks lost, Chris Pratt gracefully admitted defeat and will be heading to Boston soon. The pair also promised to visit children in Seattle too. True heroes.

Read their Twitter conversations here.

Say My Name

This Esurance commercial had me (as a Breaking Bad fan) giggling with joy. The Superbowl seems to put out some of the most fantastic ads each year and it’s no wonder considering how much it costs for an advertising slot.

Celebrity photo bomb

Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans enhanced fans’ Superbowl pictures by photobombing them as part of a Tonight Show sketch. This whole video is fantastic and it just furthers my Marvel cast obsession…

(Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that leapfrog? Just watch the video.)

What was your favourite part of the Superbowl?