Whether you own your own business, run a blog or have children to look after, staying productive and organised is so important. There are so many gadgets and apps out there that can make this so much easier.

IPad Mini

Smaller than the standard iPad, the mini is so much more practical. You have all that power at your finger tips but in a nice little package that will fit in your handbag. Use it for writing while on the train, responding to social mentions while you watch TV or use it to keep the kids entertained while you take 20 minutes to cook dinner.


This is a folder you install onto your computer that acts like a normal folder the difference is that when you move something to your Dropbox folder, it uploads it to your account. If you have Dropbox installed on your laptop, home computer and office computer, all your folders will sync. This means you’ll have all your important files with you, no matter where you are.

There are also Dropbox apps that mean you can access those files from your tablet and smartphone too.

Samsung Gear

This smart watch not only looks good but it’ll alert you to any notification you get on your phone, be it an email, tweet or message. This means you can get on with whatever you’re doing without the need to check your phone every five minutes.


This is a project management system that means you can organise everything from todo lists to the events you’re attending. You can also invite others to the system to collaborate on projects. This is great way of knowing what everyone is doing and how the work is progressing.


This is an instant messaging system that is great for managing workers. They might be freelancers you work with or they might be your colleagues. Through the system you can share files, chat and more. It’s great for discussing ideas with people who might not be in the room and having a record of it to look back through.

What tech helps you stay productive?