The luxurious Scandinavian HVRMNNSN tote bag is now being launched – hand sewn on a family-run Swedish tannery, which has also worked with Louis Vuitton and Hèrmes. The HVRMNNSN tote bag is a sustainable fashion statement: Oversized with clean lines and made from organic vegetable-tanned leather.

The HVRMNNSN tote bag makes a statement and follows its owner for a lifetime – suiting their lifestyle. Clean lines, Nordic simplicity and hand sewn quality makes it a modern expression of Scandinavian design.

A luxurious bag with a good conscience.

HVRMNNSN believes in sustainable fashion. Therefore, the HVRMNNSN tote bag is sewn on a family-run tannery in Sweden using organic quality leather from the local area – it can be traced back to the farmer and is a by-product of the local meat industry. The tannery is a sought after premium supplier with 140 years of experience and has worked for both Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

Sustainable tanning

The leather of the HVRMNNSN tote bag is naturally tanned using vegetables. Vegetable tanning is the only way to manufacture premium leather in a sustainable way for the benefit of the environment. In addition to being organic, the process makes the leather vibrant and turns it into the highest quality. The light, natural shine on the bag acquires a unique glaze from the very first time it is used.