Rail travel across Europe has been popular for a long time but new laws are just coming into effect that means a new way of travelling is going to be big, especially in France. The Macron Law is a bill designed to modernise France’s economy, sped up growth and deregulate many industries. This means that a new network is opening up, making it easier than ever to travel through France and the surrounding countries by coach.

GoEuro.co.uk has done the hard work for us, creating this comprehensive map of the coach network now taking travellers across France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Brussels.

Bus network

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Paris and Lyon are both fantastic places to start your coach journey as you can reach all sorts of fantastic destinations from these two hubs.

Popular coach journeys in France

Take a trip from France to another of Europe’s major cities. Perhaps shop for vintage delights in London or marvel at Amsterdam’s Red Light District. For those of you who want a bit of sunshine, head to Spain or the south of France for beautiful vistas an a poll by which to sip cocktails.

Major coach providers

The main coach providers operating in France include Eurolines, which provides many journeys across Europe, and iDBUS. There are also a number of regional companies operating in smaller, more concentrated areas like Les Cars Phocéens who run a regular service between Marseille and Nice. Many of the large cities in France also have transit buses that provide reliable transport within the urban centres.

Onboard facilities and services

Depending on the company and the particular journey chosen, onboard facilities can vary but usually include comfortable seating with reclining seats, air conditioning, toilets, Wi-Fi, and entertainment such as films and magazines. Many of the coach providers also have accessible coaches for passengers who require assistance.

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