We’ve been trawling Pinterest for some of the most impressive closets out there. Most of these are probably owned by people with a lot of space and money but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from these for a smaller space on a stricter budget. Read through for information on how to get these looks.

Here are some of the most beautiful dressing rooms and closets I’ve ever seen. Let us know what your ultimate closet inspiration is.

OrganisationWhat I love about this first closet is the way the sweaters are color coordinated. There’s also plenty of room at the top of the shelves for those items you don’t use on a regular basis.


For long, narrow rooms that wouldn’t work as a bedroom, line with shelving each side. If you need more storage space, go for box shelves rather than having space to hang clothes.3

Kids need cute storage too. This would look lovely in the corner of a child’s bedroom, no specialist closet needed.4

If you have the space then go for a closet like this that’s beautifully laid out with your favorite dresses and comfortable places to sit. It makes it a great place to socialize while getting ready to go out with your friends.5

Men’s closets tend to be darker and this is a great example of that. The dark wood paired with the neutral tones of the clothes works brilliantly.6

If you have lots of shoes and bags (all those Louboutins!) then simple shelving is the way forward. These don’t have to be in their own room but they could be against one wall in your bedroom.7

This is my idea of heaven. I wish I’d had the idea of making my office a dressing room/closet too. This is the perfect room for a fashion blogger.8

I can only imagine what’s contained in all those drawers. Jewelry, perhaps?9

Like this? This is easy to do at home, if you have a spare drawer. All you need to do is find drawer liners to keep the jewelry organized.10

Another men’s closet but this time in brighter hues. I love how simple and elegant this shelving system is. It also shows that if you don’t have heels, you don’t need quite as much shelf space!11

A great storage solution for jewelry that could be added to any room.12

This is another beautiful little desk area with its own closet. The colors are beautiful and I love the idea of this just hiding behind those curtains when it’s not being used.14

This is more my style as it’s a little messier than the others. It’s quite compact but there’s still some space to sit and lots of light coming in.


Another in-room closer here. This would look great up along one room of a bed room. Next to that is Miley Cyrus’ dressing room. I love the pink and black with all those shoes and that gigantic mirror.