If you’re looking to reinvent your look this summer, the new range from Warby Parker has just launched with a range of new styles and colours. The overall feel of the collection is that there’s a bit of nerdy chic that’s gone into it all with some pops of colour for good measure. That’s a very, very good thing. Because the shapes are so traditional, you’ll find something to suit your face and you can jazz it up a bit with bright blue frames. You know, if you want to, brown is fine too.


WP4We love these clear frames!


I think blue is the hit of the season when it comes to glasses, these look great.


Finally, I can’t stop looking at these simple bronze frames. This is a chic look that shouldn’t work but really, really does.

You can find out more about the new collection of glasses and sunglasses here, Warby Parker also offers a home try on service, which allows you to try the styles for free so you can choose your perfect pair of glasses.