The Aztec print is huge this summer and perfect for festivals. Here are some outfits to give you inspiration.

The Earthy Aztec
This lovely, earthy Aztec outfit is full of natural tones but with a lovely bright splash of color from these gorgeous Aztec shorts. A great outfit to take to the beach, maybe gather around a fire with friends in the evening or a walk in the woods to truly match your outfit with your surroundings.
I love the use of wood and stone making you feel truly connected with nature but, of course, stylish too.
I also love to use lots of bracelets and mix and match various necklaces. Don’t be afraid to pile on the accessories from time to time! You’ve got a real natural base when it comes to this outfit, so lots of accessories will help you create a nice impact without it being to messy.
Alternative Aztec
Aztec shorts don’t have to mean tribal, they can make any outfit pop. Take these lovely neutral blue-toned denim Aztec shorts, for example. They look great with band t-shirts and I think patterns and prints can look great together.
This would be a great outfit to go have a drink with your friends on a hot summer’s day, maybe a movie in the evening to get some shade and just a generally fun outfit! Band t-shirts can also be very versatile. You can make them into a crop top, cut them into a vest, make a cool off the shoulder t-shirt and much more! Get those scissors out and don’t be afraid to start cutting, you could also cut the bottom of the shorts to make a cool frayed effect!
Aztec Accessories with simple outfit

I think summer brings to mind lots of color! It’s a fun time of the year and with this outfit, you can’t help but smile and want to have fun in it! Great outfit for doing anything in, day or night!

The base of this outfit is very neutral with a lovely black cropped top and colorful Aztec shorts but not to crazy to make the rest of the outfit messy. Instead, this means you can add lots of colorful accessories and really make your outfit stand out I love this gold necklace against the black top, I always think gold and black work well and then the blues and, green and reds really help bring the shorts together with this stunning outfit.

Simple Aztec Shorts outfit

If all those accessories are just to much but you want to keep it bright, why not try these lovely colorful Aztec shorts!

Another outfit that is great for any occasion this summer. The black make this super cute gold animal necklace pop. Pair with neutral sandals and perhaps a simple headband or, if you fancy adding a bit more colour, try an Aztec headband to match those shorts or pick a color from the shorts to tie in.

This bracelet is also great! Very simple and elegant but it’s got that lovely splash of colour to match those Aztec shorts. Simple, yet highly effective and super stylish!

How are you wearing Aztec prints?