You’ve probably been seeing jelly shoes everywhere and may have been wondering how to wear them. They’re actually very flexible shoes, not to mention the fact that you can just walk into the sea with them on!

Here are some ideas for how to wear jelly shoes.

Jelly shoes: Grunge
These glittery black jelly shoes would look great with a grungy outfit such as this. Add some layers and some spikes to give it a real rock and roll edge.
Jelly Shoes: Tropical
Jelly shoes come in all sorts of colors and you can coordinate them with your outfit. I love these turquoise ones with those tropical parrot trousers!
Jelly shoes: Summer blacks
Finally, a summer blacks look with heeled jelly shoes. This is a great look if you want to show some skin but want the sun off your face. The sheet heart print socks, add a little something extra to the look.