There’s been so much information thrown at us for the past year about wearable technology. We’ve been wowed by Google Glass, bombarded by new smartwatch announcements and there are more wearable fitness trackers out there than we can shake a stick at. It looks like wearable tech is here to stay, though, so here’s a round up of the coolest.

Google Glass


Google Glass wearers do look a little silly but it does some really cool stuff. It’s great for fitness as the heads up display will show you just how well you’re doing; hands free, of course. t’s also great for navigation, whether you’re walking or driving, you’ll always be able to see where you’re going.

The voice commands also allow you to do things like play music, send messages and more. All very useful if you’re out running, driving or perhaps even snowboarding.

Samsung Gear 2


This smartwatch is elegant and simple. It connects beautifully with your Samsung phone and it means you can take your notifications, messages and more with you. It also has a built in fitness tracker that even has a heart rate sensor. This makes it very accurate and can give you an idea of how hard you’re working.

There’s also a remote, various skins, a music player and it’s water resistant too.

Misfit shine


This is a simple fitness tracker that will help you to move more and sleep better. It connects via bluetooth with you phone and will track your movement for the day be it running, walking, swimming or cycling. This is one of the few pieces of wearable tech that actually looks really nice.

Martian Notifier



This is one of the few smartwatches that actually looks and functions like a normal watch. The time display is fully analog but there’s a small LED screen at the bottom for notifications. It’s compatible with all sorts of Apple and Android devices.

Garmin Golf Watch


If you’re a golfer then this is the watch for you. It’s a GPS watch that comes preloaded with golf courses and you also get course updates too. You’ll be able to see distances, wind speed, what the par is for each hole and even the type of club you need to use. It also works like any other smartwatch in that it will pick up notifications from your phone. Handy for when your friends are inviting you to the 19th hole.

What wearable tech have you used?