Sometimes, buying or making a costume just feels like too much hassle. However, with the right makeup job, the outfit isn’t important. YouTube is loaded with tutorials on how to create the perfect spooky look for you, so we’ve picked a few of the best (and simplest to follow) Hallowe’en makeup gurus to inspire you.


Mykie from Glam&Gore is well known for her easy-to-follow tutorials and use of cheap items to make prosthetics, such as liquid latex and coffee granules. She recently – and rightly so – won Vlogger of The Year at the NYX Face Awards for her skills. Many of Mykie’s creations are a lot more stylised than this – with examples on her channel of ‘old’ makeup, pop art makeup, burns, post-surgery, and even sloth makeup – but this perfect reenactment of Regan from The Exorcist is ideal for Hallowe’en. Who hasn’t been horrified by this image?

jasminekatsketchKat Sketch

We, like a lot of YouTube users, discovered Kat as the BFF of Bunny (AKA grav3yardgirl), but she’s a great vlogger in her own right. A lot of her horror makeup tutorials are very cartoonish (in a disturbing away), but our favourite ones are the range of injured Disney princesses. The freakishly injured Jasmine above is seriously striking, and the makeup job can be used alone sans harem pants.


For something a little lighter on the use of latex and fake blood, Chrisspy is your best bet. Her makeup jobs are flawless (as well as original – clown gangster, anyone?) with this stylish half-exposed skull look proving especially impressive. Pair it with a 50’s dress and go undead rockabilly for a classic, easy, go-to Hallowe’en image.

Who’s your favourite Hallowe’en YouTuber?